Over the past five years a profound shift occurred in the healthcare marketplace: many of the leading hospitals and health systems instituted strict limitations on the interaction between healthcare professionals and industry vendors. Stricter vendors policies have had the positive impact of improving provider satisfaction and removing a frustrating distraction on the institution’s premises.

But the cost of distancing healthcare professionals from industry vendors has had a negative impact on the ability of institutions to extract value from industry. Opportunities for productive collaboration remain hidden from plain view; uninformed vendors can hardly be expected to provide service and support that addresses the unique patient care needs healthcare professionals face.

The Needl platform leverages new social technology to advance strategic vendor relationships. Needl has the potential to rapidly lower the cost of interacting with existing vendors while accelerating the development of new and highly engaged vendor audiences.

Needl was borne out of the experience of its founder, Rashaun P. Sourles, formerly in sales with Johnson & Johnson. Observing that healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies frequently missed opportunities to collaborate, Rashaun developed a model for business collaboration using social media tools. He left J&J and recruited his former clients at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) to launch the Needl social collaboration tool in a pilot project.

  • Healthcare professionals will ask candid questions online targeted at Pharma.
  • Pharma benefits from user-generated questions as lead generation.
  • Most questions (3 of every 4) are best served by routing directly to scientific affairs (MSL/SAL) at Pharma.
  • Healthcare professionals are satisfied when their questions are answered in a timely manner.

With this experience behind us, Needl is launching in Q2 2012.