The Power of Questions

Needl is a Q&A platform that enables healthcare professionals to ask questions about the drugs they prescribe within the web and mobile Apps they use everyday.

When a new drug comes to market providers have questions. Needl collects and routes these questions directly to the best solvers in Pharma, whether it’s the Sales Rep or the Scientific Liaison.

Needl captures those questions in real time, aggregates them into keywords, and translates those key words into insights.

The Needl dashboard provides up-to-date business intelligence about what healthcare providers want to know and what influences their behavior.

How it Works

Query Drug X and stroke in the Needl dashboard. Needl lists all the questions associated with those keywords.

What about the frequency of Drug X and stroke by region? Or by specialty? What about questions over the past two weeks? Why did a topic spike? Was it a news report from a thought leader supporting the product?

Through the dashboard or through CRM integration using our API, Needl gives you a better understanding of key influencers and the impact they’re having on healthcare providers.

Knowing exactly what an individual healthcare provider wants to know is powerful data. Knowing what thousands of healthcare providers are thinking–that’s transformative.